Our year in numbers


We funded 16 projects in the following regions:

Despite pandemic restrictions, we worked with 28 partner healthcare institutions and delivered:

8.1m antibiotic doses, far exceeding our target of 5.5m.

1 million eye screenings, exceeding our target by almost 30%

Nearly 60% of these screenings were for children.

36,000 training sessions for clinical staff and community representatives, almost doubling our target.

45,000 treatments, of which just over half were prescriptions for glasses.


Total income: £59539605953960

Despite financial slowdowns and fewer programmes going ahead, we still:

  • Raised £2,074,000 from statutory donors 

  • Received 18% of income from online channels, continuing our digital transformation

We were exceedingly grateful to 1310713107 individual donors, of whom 61466146 were regular givers

We received 5959 legacies with a total value of £914,206914,206

4242 charitable trusts supported us, with a value of £783,235783,235

2020 companies supported us, with a value of £108,501108,501

As a percentage of total income

Pie Chart
  • Legacies 15%

  • Major donors, trusts and corporate partners 26%

  • Individual donors 24%

  • Statutory donors 35%