Looking ahead to 2021

Goal 1. We will use a wide range of resources to deliver the optimal impact to transform lives through the prevention and treatment of blindness

We will work with Orbis International to monitor our grants' performance and the projects we fund, continuously seeking to improve delivery, reporting, and impact. In total, we will spend £3.58 million supporting 18 projects around the world.

There will be an even greater focus in 2021 on our essential work helping to eliminate trachoma in Ethiopia. We'll also support Comprehensive Eye Care and Childhood Blindness projects in Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam and Zambia. This means supporting 28 partner institutions to:

  • Distribute 5.5m doses of antibiotics for trachoma elimination

  • Conduct 780,000 patient screenings 

  • Deliver 48,000 eye treatments

  • Provide 18,500 training sessions for health workers

Goal 2. We will generate income from a diversity of sources to meet the ambitions and plans of the organisation

We will broaden our individual, foundation, corporate and institutional supporter base. Through enhancements to the supporter experience and new fundraising products, we will also raise more unrestricted income, build legacy income, and maximise our fundraising potential through digital channels. Strengthening our data management and reporting structures, we will ensure we make appropriate, evidence-based fundraising decisions.

Goal 3. We will broaden and deepen brand awareness amongst our key target audiences

Our communications will target audiences that are most inclined to support Orbis. We will ensure brand communications are aligned with fundraising, articulating our strategic mission in an integrated and consistent way. Working together, our teams will use all appropriate and effective channels, materials and collateral to inform, inspire and motivate action.

Goal 4. We will ensure our team are safe and supported and that the organisation is working optimally and sustainably

We will invest in staff learning and development, expand our ‘digital first’ capacity, and enhance our HR function to aid staff recruitment, induction and retention. Across finance, business support and compliance, we will continue to review and report accurately and efficiently, ensuring we adhere to the latest legislation, regulations and the Charity Governance Code.