Looking ahead to 2022

Goal 1. We will use a wide range of resources to deliver the optimal impact to transform lives through the prevention and treatment of blindness.

We performed strongly against our annual targets, despite pandemic-related disruption. Our achievements were also thanks to the determination of our partners, additional needs we identified, and additional funding.

  • All 28 of our non-profit and government partners were able to continue work to some level during the pandemic and acted quickly to expand services when restrictions were lifted.

  • We provided more than 8.1 million antibiotic doses, far exceeding our target of 5.5 million. This was due to extra funding kindly provided by Sightsavers to meet additional needs we had highlighted and to compensate for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) budget cuts.

  • We enabled more than 1 million eye screenings, exceeding our target by almost 30%. Nearly 60% of these were for children. 

  • We delivered over 36,000 training sessions for clinical staff and community representatives, almost doubling our target primarily due to the additional trachoma work we undertook. 

  • We enabled almost 45,000 treatments, of which just over half were prescriptions for glasses, a simple treatment that often has a significant impact.

Goal 2. We will grow our income

We will increase the number and value of new donors through our marketing and relationship fundraising activities.

We will also maximise the value of existing donors through data-driven engagement and compelling asks.

We will invest in legacy marketing to lay the foundations for long term sustainable income and optimise our short term acquisition and engagement activities to drive the highest return on investment.

Goal 3. We will appeal to a broader audience

In addition to targeted marketing, we will appeal to a broader audience to exponentially grow our income. We will create integrated marketing campaigns that attract, at scale, mainstream audiences. From their initial engagement, we will take our supporters on a journey to deepen their understanding of our work and the impact that their donations will make.

Goal 4. We will develop and strengthen our governance and organisational management

We will ensure the organisation continues to comply with relevant legislation, the Charity Governance Code, and other standards. We will also support the board to develop its diversity and capabilities.

Goal 5. We will develop a culture that promotes staff wellbeing and encourages staff development

We will promote a culture that continues to support staff wellbeing and the best approaches to hybrid and flexible working. We will also nurture and encourage staff through the Learning and Development programme.